Built in the USA by Powell Performance Fab out of Hutchinson, MN.

When I built my first 6.5hp longtail in 2011 there was only one reason for it. Portabilty. I had been running big boats and high horse mud motors for years and always seemed to find myself at shady boat landings or trying to winch 18' boats off the trailer into a road ditich swamp just to winch them back out again after the hunt or scouting mission. The big boats just weren't very portable and left us with limited access to some of the smaller waters we always wanted to hunt. So I thought a light weight 6.5hp longtail that was easy to carry, mount/dismount to the boat was the answer for our small water problems. I was right! I haven't had a use for a big boat since, (on small waters anyway). We were simply able to hunt so many more small water spots than before, we could just stay away from the larger more pressured waters. 

The ultra lightweight 6.5hp “Wood Duck” mud motor is the ONLY choice for any hardcore backwater enthusiast! Whether it be chasing ducks, trapping, or finding fish in those spots that are impossible to get to with a conventional outboard.


We pride ourselves on delivering top of the line quality at a bottom line price.

Our quality materials, attention to detail, and customer service are second to none. Now combine that with the lightest mud motor in its class, dependability, superior ease of use, and you have the 6.5hp" Wood Duck”, the only choice.

The “Wood Duck” is ideal for many small vessels from layout boats, 12-14' jon boats, and even Grumman Sport Boats are popular. Four Rivers layout boats are an excellent choice. All PPF Wood Ducks are designed to be used on just about any small boat up to 1436 with short transoms (15"). Speeds range from 8-13 mph depending on load and hull design.

Simple motors for a simple solutuion. The "Wood Duck" was engineered to be ultra-lite, simple, yet dependable when you need it most. Another thing we took into consideration on the "Wood Duck was the amount of hardware used. Try counting the total pieces of hardware used on some of the competitors frames.....it can add up in a hurry. We simply made ours without all the extra stuff you don't need (much less nuts and bolts to rattle loose over time). Less hardware equals less headaches in the long run. Take that into consideration with the unmatched  portability of the PPF Wood Duck and you have a little motor thats tough to beat.

At just 59-61lbs (depending on which engine you choose) the PPF Wood Duck not only is the lightest 6.5hp mud motor out there, its also got the best power to weight ratio, and in most cases even better than most 13hp motors on the market.

About the Owner


My name is Jake Powell and I was born and raised in Hutchinson, MN. After 2 years of welding school, some schooling down in Florida for marine propeller repair, and working for a handful of good welding and manufacturing shops around the area I decided to open Powell Performance Fab & Propeller (PPF) in 2002. I grew up racing everything from dirt bikes to stock cars, and hunting and fishing anytime possible.

I run a full-service metal fabrication shop. I started out doing repairs and little welding projects. That eventually grew into building my own line of UTV accessories (roll cages, bumpers, etc.), custom tube bending, and full service marine propeller repair. I did that through 2011 and in 2012, I was getting so much interest in the little mud motor I made for myself, I tried selling a few on Craigslist. They sold, and kept selling! I was forced to pretty much halt everything I had been doing and switch gears into mud motor production. Been working hard at the mud motors ever since and I love it. I have always had a passion to build or work on things I could relate to, whether it be the racing/off-road community, or hunting and fishing.

I have a beautiful wife and two great kids, and when I'm not spending time with them I'm either in the shop or out hunting or fishing. I dabble in photography a little bit, usually while hunting. I absolutely live to hunt waterfowl which makes these little motors a great fit for me. I typically don't miss out on many days of our waterfowl season. I try to get out every morning, even if it’s just an hour or so. I field hunt too but water hunting with my dog is what I really love. I personally get to put these motors to the test every day of the season. I depend on them myself just as my customers do. I know what it’s like to have a hunt ruined due to an engine problem. That’s why I have such a strong desire to produce a high quality, dependable product. I put myself in my customers’ shoes every time I'm on the water.